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"Everyday we have an opportunity to touch others with the power of our words.
Allow me the privilege of lifting your spirit, enhancing your life, raising your confidence"

Meet Bob

Home - image Bob-Tuxedo-72dpi--214x300 on http://www.bobdanzig.comBusiness Leader Bob Danzig has a passion for lifting the human spirit. His story of personal triumph has inspired readers and audiences nationwide. Bob is the former President of the multi-billion dollar powerhouse Hearst Newspapers, a prolific author, a Foster Care advocate and a Hall of Fame Speaker.

Bob has shared his empowering insights on personal value, leadership, confidence and success with over a million people. Would you like to know the first thing he does when he addresses an audience? He looks for someone receptive to hearing what he has to say and tells them the same thing he is about to tell you.

"You are worthwhile. You are full of promise. If someone has tried to convince you otherwise, it is time to embrace the truth. You deserve to live a meaningful, fulfilling life." – Bob Danzig

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Bob is the author of The Leader Within You, Conversations with Bobby, Every Child Deserves A Champion, Angel Threads, Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod, Fresh Start Moments, Business Gems, You Are Full of Promise & Vitamins for the Spirit.

Whether working on a new book or taking the stage during a speaking engagement, Bob sees himself as a messenger of hope, here to remind readers like yourself how valuable you are and how learning to listen and follow the quiet whispers of your heart will help you identify and achieve your joy path in life. It is an honor to offer this special 99¢ eBook price for all Bob's eBooks. Read More.

Latest Release
Home - image FS-3-Images-cropped-300x215 on http://www.bobdanzig.comeBook Sale 99¢

True Stories to Ignite Passion & Purpose
by Bob Danzig

From practical choices to dramatic life-changing events, this rich anthology of true stories highlights the innate powers within every man and woman. Featuring stories about confidence, leadership, courage, adventure, finding your calling, facing fears, taking risks, education, business, careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, aging, addiction, faith, salvation & more.

Attention. Writers. Share. Your. Story.

You are warmly invited to contribute a personal story for Bob's upcoming anthology entitled, "From the Valley of Challenge to the Victory of Conquest." We welcome 1-5 page true stories of your journey from a grim or challenging situation to a better place. We have received stories about healing from addiction, illness, facing fears, leaps of faith, job changes, etc. Feel free to include a short paragraph bio with contact information and/or website (optional). We also respect anonymity if you would like to submit a story and remain anonymous. Kindly send questions or submissions to: writingfromwithin@yahoo.com

Brand New Insights

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Favored Non-Profit

Home - image CHILD-WELFARE on http://www.bobdanzig.comThe Child Welfare League of America is the oldest childcare agency in the country,serving vulnerable children and families since 1920. Proceeds from product sales help contribute to their meaningful work.