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9 Powers to Be The Leader You Always Wanted To Be
by Bob Danzig (Print, eBook & MP3 Audio Book)

Bob Danzig has tapped into the source of leadership by nailing down nine powers of leadership inherent in every person. In this masterful book, Bob presents 34 inspiring profiles of successful leaders. Profiles include: Itzhak Perlman, Beverly Stills, Ted Turner, Katharine Graham, Wayne Huizenga, Lee Iacocca, Al Neuharth and Jack Welch. These empowering stories, along with Bob’s innovative wisdom and advice, offer readers a guidebook for nurturing their own leadership potential. Buy Now


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From Foster Child to Corporate Executive
by Bob Danzig (Available in Print & eBook)

Business Leader Bob Danzig never forgot his childhood in foster care. In Conversations with Bobby, he reconnects with the child he was so many years ago.  What follows is a deeply personal story, which reveals how the challenges Bob faced growing up shaped his career and ultimately, seeded his success. An inspiring reminder for both children and adults. Regardless of past hardships, we each have the potential to reach higher and excel. Buy Now


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Including the Child Within You
by Bob Danzig (Available as Print & eBook)

Most of the real champions in our lives are people whose strength is their compassion for the well-being of others. Every Child Deserves a Champion: Including the Child Within You is a testimonial to everyone who has experienced positive changes because someone chose to champion them or because they championed someone else. These encouraging stories remind us that our words and actions have the power to transform lives. Buy Now


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How Angels Weave the Tapestry of Our Lives
by Bob Danzig (Available as Print & eBook)

The most subtle, silk-like threads often prove to be the most brilliant and enduring in the tapestries of our lives. These threads are frequently the results of people we meet who have been instrumental to our growth. Are these meetings random coincidences or divine whispers? Through captivating true stories, Angel Threads will heighten your awareness of these mystical encounters and shine new light on Spirit’s role in your life.


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A Tale of Comfort–Caring–Human Nature
by Bob Danzig (Available as Print & eBook)

Like many of Shakespeare’s beloved characters, individuals today must navigate the inevitable ups and downs of human nature. Inspired by a lively group of friends on Cape Cod, these colorful stories feature universal themes that are alive within the personal dramas and comedies playing out around the world. Thus, Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod (and Everywhere Else)!


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True Stories to Ignite Passion & Purpose
by Bob Danzig (Available in print, hardcover & eBook)

From practical choices to dramatic life-changing events, this rich anthology of true stories highlight the innate powers within every man and woman. Featuring stories about confidence, leadership, courage, education, business, careers, finding your calling, taking risks, adventures, marriage, divorce, parenting, aging, inner strength, addiction, faith and salvation.


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The Softer Values of Success
by Bob Danzig (Available in eBook)

Hall of Fame Speaker Bob Danzig has spoken to over a million people. He is frequently asked the same questions: “How do the values you speak about hold up in the hard nosed world of business? Are you taken seriously when you’re perceived as being spirit driven? Bob’s answers often surprise the audience. Because of his reputation, people expect him to have a hard-edged approach to business. In this concise eBook, Bob shares his core truths on the “softer values” of success and explains how nurturing these values leads to true business mastery.


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Life Lessons for Leader
by Bob Danzig (Available in eBook)

What qualities lead to a transformational life? How can you elevate your entire approach to business? In this concise narrative, Bob Danzig, author of The Leader Within You, shares personal stories and insights to illuminate your journey and help you discover your own leadership potential.This empowering eBook was originally recorded from live presentations and taped conversations.


A Collection of Insights to Enrich Your Every Day
by Bob Danzig (Available in print)

Vitamins for the Spirit is the perfect inspirational gift book. After collecting bits of wisdom and warmth, as well as wit, from colleagues and friends, Bob Danzig asked various Hearst Corp. Illustrators to pick and animate their favorite quote. The result is this delightful celebration of art and optimism. An ideal present for every occasion.