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A Tribute to Bob Danzig

By Rex Smith, Editor of the Albany Times Union

Home - image 1024x1024-1-250x375 on http://www.bobdanzig.comRobert J. Danzig, who overcame abandonment and poverty as a toddler in Albany to become one of the city’s pre-eminent business leaders, and then served for more than two decades as president of Hearst Newspapers, died Wednesday in a Cape Cod hospital. He was 85.

In recent years, after his retirement from Hearst, Danzig maintained a busy schedule as a motivational speaker. Even last week, aware of his impending death, he appeared on Facebook Live to recount some of the inspirational stories that were always on his mind.

“Bob Danzig inspired countless people over the years, both within Hearst and in audiences nationwide,” said George R. Hearst III, publisher and CEO of the Times Union. Noting that he now occupies the office that was first Danzig’s, Hearst added, “This was Bob Danzig’s paper. He loved Albany, and he loved the Times Union, first among all the Hearst newspapers.”

“He was a man of great intellect and great heart,” said the Rev. Howard Hubbard, bishop emeritus of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese. “He never forgot where he came from, and he never failed to reach out to others who were going through a situation as difficult as his had been.”

Danzig became publisher in 1969, promoted at age 37 over more senior colleagues to lead the Times Union and two other newspapers then published locally by Hearst, The Knickerbocker News and the Schenectady Union-Star. He moved to New York City seven years later to lead a nationwide division that at the time of his retirement delivered 10 million newspapers a week, with 6,000 employees.  Read More...

Honoring Bob's Life Journey

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Wall Street Journal Obituary

New York Times Obituary

The Diamond in the Coal Bucket: A Memoir by Bob Danzig

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Radio Interviews

• Abandonment to Soaring with Camille Nash

• Journey to Success Radio with Tom Cunningham

• The 17 Biblical Principles of Success Hosted by Phil R. Taylor

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