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The Softer Values of Success
Bob Danzig

Bob Danzig is frequently asked the same questions: How do the values you speak about hold up in the hard nosed world of business? Are you taken seriously when you’re perceived as being spirit driven? His answers often surprise the audience. Because of his reputation, people expect Bob to have a hard-edged approach to business. In Business Gems, he shares his core truths about the softer values of success and how nurturing those values lead to true business mastery.

Bob’s Insights: Audiences seem to expect me to convey a more traditional, hard-edged approach to business and life in general. They know I ran a multi-billion dollar company and are surprised to hear me say that the cobblestones of your success are all these softer values. Yes, that is my core truth. In Business Gems, I will share these softer values and encourage you to integrate them into your daily life. When you personally hug and nurture these values, you are on your way to business mastery.

Featuring personal definitions for:

  • Quantum Leap Wisdom: Unbounded possibilities fueled by enlivening humanity in the work environment.
  • Win-Win Negotiating: An open canvas inviting the opportunity to discover and honor the needs of your opponent.
  • Satisfying Selling: Insights to elevate the truth: Selling is noble work.
  • Success: The opportunity, fulfilled, to leave your etching on the lives of others – not measured by anything other than the depth and scope of your etchings.

eBook 99¢
ISBN 878-0-9858039-2-6