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Conversations with Bobby

Conversations with Bobby - image  on http://www.bobdanzig.comCONVERSATIONS WITH BOBBY:
From Foster Child To Corporate Executive
Bob Danzig

Growing up, business Leader Bob Danzig never forgot his childhood in foster care. In Conversations with Bobby, he reconnects with the foster child he was so many years ago. What follows is a deeply personal story, which reveals how the challenges Bob faced growing up shaped his career and ultimately, seeded his success. An inspiring reminder for both children and adults. Regardless of past hardships, we each have the potential to reach higher and excel.</P.


“If you could talk to yourself as a child, what would you say? The eminently successful business leader Bob Danzig, one of America’s most inspiring teachers, does just that, sharing his entertaining insights, insights that surprise, intrigue and can help.” – Walter Anderson, Chairman and CEO, Parade Magazine

“As a psychiatric nurse and educator in a large community hospital, I regularly incorporate Conversations with Bobby to assist our recovery groups with feelings of hope, inspiration and gratitude. Many of my patients have grown up with childhood pain and trauma and find themselves with addiction and mental health issues. By introducing and reflecting on Bob Danzig’s life story, both his struggles and his successes, our patients are able to focus on hope, optimism and re-discovery of their own life and future.” – Sharon Barrett Creel R.N., B.S.N.

“We often refer to the child within as we reflect on our life’s journey”perhaps as a way to remind us to sometimes revisit the playful life of a child we have outgrown. In connecting to his child within, Bob Danzig shares with us all the incredible journey he has taken in his life. His message is simple, yet powerful: every child needs our support during challenging times, and every child is special and has promise. Bob Danzig serves the interest of every young person, whether in foster care or a traditional family, by sharing this touching story that will give hope and inspiration to child and adult alike.”
– Professor Shay Bilchik, JD, Director, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, Georgetown University

“University Presidents have the unique privilege of observing students as they flower to adults. Bob Danzig provides the reader intense lessons on how one can take the weeds of a challenged childhood to a field of high-achievement flowers.”
– Nido R. Qubein, President, High Point University

“This is a book that will inspire children now in foster care and everyone who cares about their futures. Bob Danzig knows the challenges and the joys because he has experienced both, and done it with good humor and compassion for those who may follow.”– Michael Piraino, CEO National CASA Association

eBook 99¢/ISBN 978-0-9855129-3-4
Paperback $14.95/ISBN 978-0-9855129-2-7