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Former Hearst CEO’s Books Awarded For Excellence

Former Hearst Newspaper Group CEO’s Books Given Award for Excellence
Foreword Magazine Awards Bronze & Finalist Status to Books on Foster Care

Every Child Deserves a Champion was honored by ForeWord Magazine with its Book of the Year (gift book category) Bronze Award. There Is Only One You was a finalist in the competition. Both titles were written by former Hearst Newspaper Group CEO Bob Danzig and published by Child & Family Press, the publishing arm of the nonprofit 501(c)(3), Child Welfare League of America (CWLA).

After retiring in 1998, with 20 years as head of The Hearst Newspaper Group, Bob, who grew up in foster homes, set out to touch the spirits of other foster children, caregivers, and social workers nationwide by sharing the messages through these two books and demonstrating through speaking appearances how kind words and affirmations from others can influence the lives of those in the foster care community.

When a ten-year-old Bob escaped from a locked attic by sliding down a gutter pipe, he ran to the only place he knew–the school near his foster home. A teacher found him the next morning, huddled beside the school dumpster. That day, Bob was finally moved to another foster home. He took with him the one permanent item in his life–the black garbage bag that he carried from home to home with his few possessions.

When Mae Morse, the foster care professional moving Bob from his fourth to his fifth home (when he was only 11 years old) sat him down at the end of their first meeting and told him, “You are worthwhile,” she offered something more permanent than that black garbage bag—a sense of self-worth. Her words were the first time Bob felt that he was worthwhile.

Bob hopes to touch the lives of other foster children in the same manner that one caring social worker touched his life.

In the past few years, business executives have made headlines for doing wrong rather than right. Bob Danzig is a product of businessmen and women who did right.

For example, Margaret Mahoney, the Albany Times Union office manager who found potential in Bob when he worked as an office boy just out of high school-told him, “You are full of promise,” and set him on a course that helped him gain the respect of the publisher who, years later, groomed Bob to succeed him as publisher–a job Bob stepped into 17 years after first starting as an office boy.

Throughout his career, Bob has returned the kindness passed to him by nurturing and caring for his employees–rather than an organization. While at the helm of the Hearst Newspaper Group, cash flow increased ten fold–the result of taking care of the people in addition to the corporation.

In addition to addressing the needs of the foster care community, Bob is working, through his professional programs, to speak to the softer side of successful leadership–those items that distinguish the good from the great–and that ultimately propel average businesses to garnering respect and recognition.

About ForeWord Magazine: ForeWord Magazine is the only literary review trade journal devoted exclusively to covering independent presses-ranging in size from university presses putting out hundreds of tiles a year to micro, POD and eBook publishers who may put out one title in a lifetime. The Book of the Year Awards program was established to help booksellers and librarians discover gems from each of these types of publishers in a number of popular categories.