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Fresh Start Moment

Fresh Start Moment - image  on http://www.bobdanzig.comFRESH START MOMENTS:
True Stories to Ignite Passion & Purpose
Bob Danzig

From practical choices to dramatic life-changing events, these true stories remind us of the innate powers within every man and woman. The power to listen and honor our personal choices. The power to take action. To persevere. To change and grow. And ultimately, the power to choose joy. Featuring stories: about confidence and leadership; receptivity, courage and perseverance; education, business and career choices; finding your calling and taking risks; adventures and soul-searching; transformation and discovery; facing fears and overcoming obstacles; marriage, divorce and renewal; parenting and caregiving; aging and acceptance; persecution and inner strength; hardships, illness, addiction and healing; faith and salvation – all situations and qualities that reflect the human condition. Finally, there are stories about people whose words and actions influenced others, becoming part of their fresh start moments.


“If you liked the Chicken Soup series, you will love Fresh Start Moments. Here are 100 true stories that are examples of individuals who experienced an event that catalyzed insight or action or both. I was delighted to read that a percentage of the book sales will go to The Child Welfare League of America. Author Bob Danzig is a product of the foster child system in the U.S. Many fresh start moments for these children.”
– EILEEN MCDARGH, author of Your Resiliency GPS

“In full disclosure, I am one of the hundred stories in this book, so likely have a bias. I want to commend this as a favorite book for the holidays  and beyond. It is rich, varied, and inspiring. There could not be a better range of fresh start stories. Written about 100 subjects, each with a different voice, there are lessons for each of us, regardless of whether we are in need of a fresh start or not. For yourself, or for a loved one. I probably should make a second disclosure that Bob Danzig, the person who compiled this marvelous work is a friend. We met by chance five years ago (though I have considerable doubt that the people we meet are by chance). FRESH START MOMENTS is a gift  and I have already ordered several copies as gifts.”
– BOB ENGLANDER, author of High Tide on Main Street

“My bet is you’ve been there just like most of the rest of us. You’re at a stage in your life where you are so frustrated with where you have been you have no idea where you are going. AND even if you do have some idea¦you have no idea how you’re going to get there. If that is your situation, then this anthology of experiences of people who have done that, too will be an extremely valuable resource for you. All the best as you read these, a fresh start moments to find inspiration for your own fresh start.”
– GARY GREENFIELD, author of Life’s Ride or Fall You Make the Call

eBook 99¢/ 978-0-98551-2-7
Paperback $14.95/ISBN# 978-0-9858039-1-9
Hardcover $19.95/ISBN #978-0-9858039-4-0