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Affirming Self-Talk

Self-talk is the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. Just like a record playing in our minds, our self-talk mentally reinforces our fears, doubts, insecurities, self-image, self-esteem, expectations, judgments, disappointments, even the way we define success. The mind is a powerful tool. At any moment, we have the potential to redefine ourselves by using self-talk to expand our horizons.

Freedom Is A Choice

Bob met a young woman who explained that she could not stop crying and hoped he might be able to provide some advice and comfort. He suggested she create a personal mantra of the things that elevated her life. Type it up. Make copies for her office, her car and her phone. Read it. Hug it. Celebrate it.

A few weeks later, he met her again. Her face was radiant with happiness. She said she had taken his suggestion and showed him what she had written. He asked if he could share her words and she joyfully handed him the list she’d written.

If the following words resonate with you, read the points out loud or to yourself. Read them when you wake up; before you go to sleep; anytime you need a reminder. There is truth here. Feel free to make this list your own by adding or subtracting to it at will.

The way you see yourself (and others) is a choice. You have the freedom to create the life you deserve!

Affirming Truth

  • I deserve joy
  • I deserve happiness
  • I deserve serenity
  • I deserve harmony
  • I deserve lips turned up
  • I deserve laughter
  • I deserve friendship
  • I deserve kindness
  • I deserve honesty
  • I deserve trust
  • I deserve understanding
  • I deserve acceptance
  • I deserve appreciation
  • I deserve caring
  • I deserve love
  • I deserve romance
  • I deserve devotion
  • I deserve faithfulness
  • I deserve reasons to celebrate
  • I deserve security
  • I deserve safety
  • I deserve restful nights
  • I deserve inner strength
  • I deserve confidence
  • I deserve self-esteem
  • I deserve to believe in myself
  • I deserve a great memory
  • I deserve a strong heart & mind
  • I deserve energy
  • I deserve creativity
  • I deserve to dream
  • I deserve fulfillment
  • I deserve wonder
  • I deserve freedom
  • I deserve optimism
  • I deserve enthusiasm
  • I deserve balance
  • I deserve to live a purposeful life

*Click Here for a Printable PDF I DESERVE JOY