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Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod

Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod - image  on http://www.bobdanzig.comSHAKESPEARE LIVES ON CAPE COD (AND EVERYWHERE ELSE!):
A Tale Of Comfort, Caring and Human Nature
Bob Danzig

Shakespeare’s themes reflect the perpetual elements of human nature that have caused his works to be relevant for generations. Like many of his memorable characters, individuals today must navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life. Inspired by a colorful group of friends on Cape Cod, these stories feature themes that are alive within the personal dramas and comedies playing out around the world.  Thus, Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod (and Everywhere Else)!


“The caring, comforting, courageous aspects of human nature are indeed our birthright and something that as a society we need to cultivate in order to flourish. Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod is a refreshing read and an insightful portrayal of these essential universal truths.” –Ronnie Newman, Director of Health Promotion and Education, Art of Living Foundation

“A couple of years ago, we met some core members of the Cocoon quite by chance while staying at a Cape Cod hotel.  Learning about the varied but connected group of people with their rich life stories was inspiring. We continue to see these lovely people, including Bob and Dianne, and value our friendship with them.  We look forward to every time we visit the Cape to cultivate these new friendships and experience Shakespeare on Cape Cod.”
–Jalewsky and Ron Houghton, Boston South Shore

“After I read Shakespeare Lives on Cape Cod, I was truly impressed with Bob’s desire to capture the intimacy of our special cocoon. Lately I’ve examined myself more and as I watch our group in motion, I feel a richer appreciation for the meaning of friends. Readers will be encouraged to re-discover, re-nurture, and re-appreciate their own treasure trove of cocoon friends.”
–Kathy Sanders of Cape Cod

eBook 99¢/ISBN# 978-0-9855129-5-8
Paperback $14.95/ISBN# 978-0-9855129-7-2