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It has been said that Bob is one of those magical people. When he enters a room he fills it; when he begins to speak he owns it. With humor and a magnetic sense of purpose, Bob plants seeds of hope, confidence and leadership every time he speaks.

Sharing his personal experiences and accomplishments, Bob often speaks about his challenges growing up in foster care and his impressive rise in the newspaper industry. Bob uses these stories to encourage audience members to reach higher and exceed their expectations to embrace their vision and create the life they deserve.

Generous Praise

Bob is humbled to share these generous expressions of gratitude.

“Bob, What can I say? As a motivational speaker you are superb. As a man who can speak comfortably with everyone, just amazing. As a person who moves and inspires people and holds both a mirror and a light of hope to all, simply incredible. As a human being on your own challenging journey, your openness is totally refreshing as is your willingness to take new paths when it’s the right time. Thanks you so much for leaving the good folks of Elizabeth breathless with your insights and encouragement.”
William H. Webb, ACSW, Executive Director, Family & Children’s Services

“Bob, your visit not only touched the hearts of the children and adults who heard you speak; it also impacted my co-workers and I as we move forward in our noble work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us. You are so generous with your time and talents, and I feel very blessed to have met you. I truly hope you return in the very near future.”
Linda Sommerville, Child and Family Services, Traverse City, Michigan

“I can not thank you enough for coming in today. The lights really do get turned on with the Sales & Marketing staff when you speak with them. Your messages drive them and they leave the meeting motivated and encouraged. You are an inspiration and a mentor from afar! I learn by watching carefully and you have been instrumental in that process.”
Your biggest fan and a success facilitator,
Lilia Castillo Jones, Sr VP Sales & Marketing,
Hearts Media Services, San Antonio Express

“I heard as always that you hit a huge a Home Run when you were here last week and left the WPBF fans screaming for more!!! I am so disappointed that I missed you. So many employees commented to me on what a wonderful and motivating talk you gave. I can never thank you enough for your generosity of time with us. Our staff always takes it ten notches up after you leave;they are energized and inspired by you Bob. You really are a renaissance man. Thank you again for everything, and I hope to see you soon!”
Caroline Taplett, President WPBF News

“Bob Danzig is a compelling, masterful storyteller with a message to match.”
Walter Anderson, Former Editor, Parade Magazine

“Bob Danzigs is one of the best sessions I’ve attended in more than 25 years of going to conventions.”
Linda Owens Whitlaw, University of South Carolina

“I cannot remember the last time I was so deeply moved by a speaker.”
Tom Milton, Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York

“Your stories and your passion inspired those of us in the room to continue to lead with our hearts even when they are heavy with concerns about funding, management and the ability to reach those we need to reach,not to mention the overwhelming reality that there is so much more that should be done. Your opening remarks were uplifting and it was refreshing to step out of the forest and smell the raindrops on each tree branch and delight in knowing that we each do make a difference–one touch at a time!”
Barbara Bush, Director of Development, Community Residences

“Your speech was a big hit, engaging us, entertaining us, and moving us. Your recognition of several Sunrise Associates and the incorporation of their accomplishments into your themes was especially well done and showed careful research.”
Richard Chandler, Chairman/CEO Sunrise Medical Inc.

“Yours is the very best American success story and your message meant a great deal.”
Lillian Kopenhaver, Associate Dean Florida International University

“Thank you for providing an important thread of inspiration and information for the lives of students and faculty.”
Ernest Cd. Hynds,Journalism Department Chair, University of Georgia

“Thank you again for giving back what you’ve learned throughout your career. It would be a tremendous help for me to have the benefit of your knowledge and advice.”
Alexander Major, President, Major Health Services

“Everyone appreciated the bright light you shed and the clarity, eloquence and passion with which you voiced your convictions about leadership.”
Anthony Oettinger, Program on Information Resources Policy Chair, Harvard University

“Your passion is evident in your presentation, and the manner in which you personalize your message is compelling.”
–John F. Flynn, President, YMCA

“Thank you for speaking at our sales rally. It was clear that you are well acquainted with walking the walk, not just talking the talk when it comes to pursuing the most difficult goals.”
–Dwight M. Brown, VP of Advertising, Houston Chronicle

“Your wonderful anecdotes, skillful delivery and warm relationship with the audience held them spellbound.”
–Mary Lynn Martin, Associate Director, American Press Institute

“I just wanted to tell you how inspiring I found your talk. Thank you for reminding us of what is most important.”
–David Hughey,The Herald Sun, Durham, NC

“To suggest that your presentation was remarkable is an understatement and does not truly reflect its impact on both my students and myself.”
–John H. Shannon, Dean, Seton Hall University

“Once again, thanks for visiting us. I hope you will return again next year. Good luck with your leadership book.”
–Paul Steinle, University of Miami

“It was both a pleasure and privilege to hear your inspirational talk. You certainly make a terrific impression.”
–Jon Knott, Albany Times Union

“I have no hesitancy in declaring to anyone within earshot that it was the best speech I have ever heard. Thank you!”
–Daniel Button, President’s Office, Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities

“Your speech to the conference was a big hit, engaging us, entertaining us and moving us. I would have liked to hear more of your personal profiles, because each was so poignant and relevant to us all.”
–Richard Chandler, CEO, Sunrise Medical

“I think everyone who was present at your wonderful talk found it wise as well as inspiring. We are grateful that you chose to share some of that wisdom with us.”
–Lewis Burke Frankes, The Writing Center Director, Marymount Manhattan College