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The Leader Within You

The Leader Within You - image  on http://www.bobdanzig.comTHE LEADER WITHIN YOU
Master 9 Powers to Be the Leader You Always Wanted to Be
Bob Danzig

Discover the leader within you! In this masterful book. Business leader Bob Danzig taps into the source of leadership by nailing down nine powers inherent in every leader. He presents 34 inspiring profiles of successful leaders including: Itzhak Perlman, Beverly Stills, Ted Turner, Katharine Graham, Wayne Huizenga, Lee Iacocca, Al Neuharth and Jack Welch. These stories, along with Bob’s innovative wisdom and advice, offer readers a guidebook for nurturing their own leadership potential.

Message from Bob: “I believe the core lubricant for growing your personal oak tree is nourishment of the leader within you. Through my experiences, I’ve come to view leadership as a series of powers within every single person, just waiting to be discovered, nurtured and mastered. The Leader Within You has a straightforward objective–to encourage you to become active participants in shaping your own future.”


“The Leader Within You is compelling, inspiring and practical just like its author, Bob Danzig.”
– WALTER ANDERSON, Chairman and CEO, Parade Magazine

“Learn from this masterful book. Read it. Celebrate it. Soar with it.”
– HARVEY MACKAY, Author of Swim with the Sharks: Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

“If you’ve got passion and conviction you are more likely to be inspiring to others as a leader. I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your writing.”
– TED TURNER, Founder of CNN

“You may never have thought of yourself as a leader before. You will after you’ve read The Leader Within You.”
– ELLEN LEVINE, Editor, Good Housekeeping

“Bob Danzig skillfully portrays leadership qualities which can serve as guidelines to the top, for young and old, in any business or profession.”
– AL NEUHARTH, Founder, USA Today

“Bob Danzig made it from office boy to corporate vice president. The Leader Within You reminds us that the most important stop on that journey is actually the first one–the one that begins inside each of us.”
– LOUIS D. BOCCARDI, former President and CEO, Associated Press

“Bob Danzig has been there, done that and more. His wisdom deserves to be shared.”
– DAVID LAWRENCE, Jr., former Publisher, Miami Herald

“Bob Danzig is one of the most respected figures in the U.S. newspaper industry. He has learned a lot about leadership in one of the toughest businesses there is, and he shares it all.”
–MAX JENNINGS, Editor, Dayton Daily News

“As a professional colleague of Bob Danzig’s for more than 20 years, I have always marveled at the magical way he seems to inspire and motivate the 6,000 Hearst Newspaper employees who call him boss. It’s magic, in a sense, but Bob credits his success as coming from what he calls the leader within you–an untapped quality we all possess. Now, read it and lead!”
– JOHN MACK CARTER, President, Hearst Magazine Enterprises

“If anyone in this country is qualified to write about leadership, it’s Bob Danzig.”
– JOE OLDHAM, Editor, Popular Mechanics

“When it comes to leadership, Bob Danzig has lived the role. His success in our dynamic industry makes him totally qualified to speak to this quality.”
– CARLO VITTORINI, President, Parade Magazine

“Bob Danzig has managed and led through a period of enormous change in American society and business. The nine leadership traits and skills he identifies transcend changes and will help any leader be more effective.”
– FRANK BLETHEN, Publisher, Seattle Times

“Bob Danzig epitomizes charismatic leadership. The advice in his book is visionary.”
– JOHN B. SIAS, President & CEO, The Chronicle Publishing Company

“Some men are born to lead. Others have leadership thrust upon them. Now, you can help yourself become a leader by putting into practice the nine dynamic principles of leadership set forth by newspaper executive Bob Danzig in his inspiring new book, The Leader Within You.”
– FRANK ZACHARY, Editor Emeritus, Town & Country

eBook 99¢/ ISBN 978-0-9858039-0-2
Print $14.95/ISBN 978-0-9855129-6-5

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